Friday, May 7, 2010

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

Every week by Saturday morning...
* Read 100 to 150 pages.

* Write 300+ words a week in response to your reading.
* Respond analytically and personally to what you have read.
* Discuss the significance of at least one passage/quotation.
* Discuss the relationship between what you are reading and something(s) else you have read this year.
* Respond to a comment made by a peer (after the first week).

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Anonymous said...

Terri M.

The first section that I have read of Siddhartha is definitely proof of it being a buildungsroman. The book begins with detailed descriptions of a young Brahman who is smart, handsome and well like by teachers, family and friends. He decides one day that he must go on a quest to find himself. His friend Govinda accompanies him for the first part of the journey before he gets enticed into joining Buddhist monks. I like the book because it has information about different religions that the western religions. Although Siddhartha is from a different part of the world he has similar feeling to Stephen Deadalus. He acts quicker than Stephen however. This may be apparent because the style of writing is completely different in the sense that it is not a stream of consciousness, but third person narrative.
A quote from Siddhartha that reminds me of universalism is something that Siddhartha says to Govinda when they separate,” You have heard my blessing, Govinda, I repeat it. May you travel this path to the end. May you find salvation!” The reason I feel this way is because Siddhartha is giving his blessing to his friend in his religious endeavors even though he is choosing a different path.
A quote that reminds me of Portrait is “You have learned nothing through teachings, and so I think, O Illustrious one, that nobody finds salvation though teachings.” Stephen Deadalus went to church fervently but in the end he disregards religion. Both protagonists leave their families.
Up to the point that I have read, which is more than half way through, some of the motifs I have found are: the color blue, nature, travel, education and sex.