Friday, May 21, 2010

Monday's Field Trip During E and F-blocks

I'm looking forward to the walk, film, and talk on Monday. Hope you are too.

Here's the email I sent to each of you earlier today:

I forgot to remind you that we'll be walking over to the Cape Ann Cinema on Main Street on Monday. Let's meet in the atrium at 10:45 and walk over once we have everyone. (Bring lunch or buy something in the caf and carry it. You can probably get something on Main Street too but I can't promise whether it'd be before or after the film.)

We'll return to the school in time for G-block which starts at 1:23.

If you have questions please use "reply all" so everyone gets the question and then I'll respond "reply all" too.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday at 10:45.
all the best,

James W. Cook
Gloucester High School

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nFrye said...

Mr. Cook!! ah! I guess my email is blocked. Here's the URL:

I hope you get this in time!!