Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Personal Anthology Poetry Project

AP English Literature and Composition
Personal Poetry Anthology
1. Email me your theme.
2. Bring typed copies of seven of the fifteen poems to class on ____________________
3. Bring a draft of one of your own poems to class on ____________________
4. Bring a draft of the introduction to class on ____________________
5. Completed project is due ___________________ (no extension letters will be accepted)
Theme: ___________________________________
For this assignment, you will prepare a poetry anthology. For our purposes, poetry will include song lyrics. The anthology will be unified by a common theme, and must consist of the following minimal requirements:
Criteria Title of Poem (Author of Poem)
1. A late sixteenth or seventeenth
century poem (Elizabethan,
Metaphysical, Cavalier)
2. A nineteenth century poem
(Romantic, Gothic, Victorian)
3. A twentieth century poem
(modern or post-modern)
4. A twenty-first century poem
5. Lyrics to song
6. A sonnet (or poem written in
another traditional form: sestina,
terza rima, rondeau, villanelle, etc.)
7. A poem translated
from another language
8. A poem that you have written
containing an allusion
9. A poem that you have written
using a traditional or invented form
10. A poem that you have written
that is a strict, loose, or homophonic translation
11. A poem that you have written
in any form
12. Free choice
13. “ “
14. “ “
15. “ “

You must include
a. A title page with MLA information (See Compass page 58-59.)
b. A dedication and epigraph page
c. An introduction (300-500 words introducing the theme, briefly explaining the relationship between the poems and the theme, and reflecting upon the theme.)
d. A table of contents with titles and authors
e. A minimum of fifteen (15) separate poems/songs.
f. A Works Cited page, including discography (MLA format See Compass page 56-58)
You may include:
a. More of your own poems
b. Illustrations and/or photograph (Art taken from other sources much be cited)
c. More than one song lyric
d. A mixed-CD/mixed-tape with the song(s) and poems


Marisa D. said...
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Marisa D. said...

unrequited love-unanswered love

Anonymous said...

My theme is water/the ocean.

Meredith S said...

My theme is the moon.

Sabrina said...

My theme is winter

Katina T said...

I'm thinking my theme is heartache. Is that cheesy? Hm. I'm going to try it out anyways.

B Shay said...


Oh and check this out.


Anonymous said...

I think I want to track eyes and vision

amycarpenter57 said...

Beautiful death-death being made attractive.

Megan Keegan said...

My theme is movement and the perception of movement.

Andrew Ryan said...

My theme is insanity.

Brianna A said...

Uncertainty: hard decisions, different paths to choose, confusion, etc. etc.

Marisa D. said...


I just thought i would leave this link for everyone. This website has awesome poems and is categorized by themes :) just thought it would be useful to everyone

hayden said...
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Sabrina said...

the directions say we can not use extension letters? is this true?

hayden said...

So because of our discussion today I'm actually going to change my topic to to dreams.

Anonymous said...

I have changed my theme from eyes/vision to the sun/sunshine

Anonymous said...

I changed my theme to the sun.

Francesco P said...

My theme will be eternity.

fenkor said...

H. Ono

The theme is order and disorder.