Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome Class of 2010

If you are thinking about taking Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition during the 2009-2010 school year here are some resources to help you make up your mind:

1. Talk to current students who are taking the course. Here are the names and first initials of those students. If you are not already acquainted with any of these members of the varsity English team then I can arrange for you to talk to someone. Email me at
D-block: Hannah B, Meghan C, Alyssa D, Liz F, Lucy F, Michael H, Lucy M, Ryan O, Ali O, Rose P, Alison P, Jacqueline S
F-block: Britta A, Jaclyn A, Emily C, Brian H, Caitlin H, Sarah J, Courtland K, Kat L, Megan L, Abby L, Allie L, Michael M, Kaylie M, Naomi N, Isabel P, Alex R, Chloe R, Kyle S, Alex T, Alyssa Z

2. Visit the class blog for this year's AP English students. Click here. On the blog for you'll find assignments and commentaries, and by clicking on the "comments" you'll also find student work. Most of the comments are thoughtful but informal responses to the literature we study. If you like what you see the course is for you.

3. Send me an email ( with questions, concerns, worries, etc. I'll respond quickly.

4. Visit me in room 2207. I'm available before school, after school, and during second lunch. Stop by with any questions.

Later in the spring of 2009 we'll meet to talk about the summer work, which will also be posted on this blog (your blog), and to meet each other.

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